now we can’t be friends fascination ends




Sup. It is finally the half term and I have Game of Thrones series 4, lie ins, sleepovers and general not going to school to look forward to. I also have acquired some good clothes lately, that I will probably wear to death and that will probably fuse into my very fibres. Above are my new sandals from New Look, surprisingly. I’ve wanted Vagabond shoes for a while but these are a cheaper alternative, and I love them. They are more platforms than high heeled, and make every outfit look way more thought out than it actually is. I have a serious lack of shoes, and these are a refreshing change to the burgundy converses that I have worn non stop since, like, two years ago. Not to seem completely materialistic (hard when you are blogging about clothes) but I want some tapestry doc martens or doodled flatforms next.



My friend Laura gave me ress after I saw it in her wardrobe and said I liked it, which was nice of her. Its one of two Primark things I own, along with some jeweled sunglasses. I’ve also wanted something like this for a while- something Wednesday Addams, white lace collared and black, and my mum refused to buy this for me when she suggested I needed a new dress, because, I quote, I would look like a ‘creepy Quaker ghost’. Whatever mum, ‘Creepy Quaker Ghost’ is a look I would be honored to have bestowed upon me. I like to wear this with frilly socks, my aforementioned shoes and a fluffy black cardigan, or tucked into a tartan skirt with knee socks, all with a bitch face; the accessory we were all born with and must take full advantage of.


Excuse the cat hair on this. How unprofessional is that. If I was Susie Lau that would be me uninvited to Chanel. Anyway, this is a high waisted skirt from the Zara sale, only £3.99. The top has elasticated panels and the bottom has a flippy, almost pleated structure which hangs really well, and its light navy. I can’t stop wearing this, especially with my denim jacket and plethora of jumpers.

I need more shorts and t shirts so am scouring ASOS and Zara. I would like a high neck, striped crop top and dungarees, and maybe some mom shorts too. A girl can dream. I’m going to go and donate some money to Charity now to make up for my materialism.



P.S I have started letter exchanging with Annette (click for her blog) and she sent me some cute things; clips, a necklace, map cuttings, a face mask, as well as a really nice letter. Unfortunately my camera has run out of battery and I can’t find the charger, but I will include pictures of her next letter!

P.P.S I have entered Company magazine’s style blogger awards with the mentality of ‘what have I got to loose?!’ It feels very narcissistic to be entering myself, I know my blog is a patchwork of rants and samey vibes and I can name at least 10 better teenage blogs off the top of my head (basically every one I know), but if you feel like I deserve a sympathy vote then click on this image and remember to vote in the Teen blogger category…thank you!


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3 Responses to now we can’t be friends fascination ends

  1. Those sandals are amazing <3

  2. link m88 says:

    I am really inspired with your writing talents and also with the format on your blog.

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