Elle Collections S/S14 and other wonders


Usually I admittedly only buy magazines on the basis of how good their edits will look on my walls, how interested I am in the contributing designers and photographers and people and how much money I am willing to fritter away on something I’ll tear up eventually. However, Elle Collections begs not to have its pages blu tacked onto my (now in danger of collapsing) wall. Its pages are strong and soft and it might be just me but smell of vanilla, and this is all a shame because some of them would look bitchin between art postcards and Hama bead creations, but I can’t bring myself to destroy something so beautiful as one piece.

Anyways, its a pretty magazine. It focuses on S/S14 collections and trends in a appealingly collagey, doodley manner, much like the pages of Company magazine, and includes a scrapbook, various interviews from people who had something to do with early designer’s Haute Couture collections and who read thick art books from their Cotswold cottages while their kids are at Boarding school, and designer’s personal collections of stuff.



016 018

020 021


As I have been reading this I have been aware that the A/W or F/W shows have been going down…I don’t understand how designers can be so forward in all the seasons; Spring is only just springing up beneath the frost here, and their S/S14 shows were in the depths of Winter! Its all so fast tracked! I have been on holiday in Cheltenham over the past few days, without access to internet, so I haven’t really seen many A/W collections apart from my usual favourites (Meadham Kirchhoff, Sophie Webster, Henry Holland, Ryan Lo, Ashish, Jeremy Scott- all brilliant as usual) as well as Tommy Hilfiger and Libertine, whose are both surprisingly appealing. However, I won’t go into detail about them because I can’t possibly contemplate more Winter, when S/S is on the brink of existence. Here are some S/S14ish videos to just suit my mood and somehow both involving Elle Fanning and the first one queen Lupita Nyong’o..



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2 Responses to Elle Collections S/S14 and other wonders

  1. Erika says:

    Absolutely in love with this post! I’ll definitely have to check out this magazin!

  2. Joy Agnes says:

    I wished I looked like Elle Fanning and I really need to check out that magazine sometime <3

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