It’ll only take two hours to Nevada


Long time no blog. I solemnly swear that I will try to blog more, just lately I have been busy curling up and sleeping because January and also because school, which are sufficient excuses. Today is my little sister’s 11th birthday, and later we will go out to dinner. I was hoping for It by Alexa Chung, as I can’t scroll down tumblr or instagram without seeing its pink cover (our parents always give the sister whose birthday it isn’t a book, which I think is a nice tradition), but instead I got a book called The Runaway, which is about slavery (I went and saw 12 Years A Slave with my mum and she mentioned the book to me then). So It is going on my mental wishlist, along with some Vagabond heeled sandals and Chanel S/S14 bejeweled trainers.

These are some random pictures of me pulling cringey poses, in my homemade tie dye top and ASOS Christopher Kane-ish camo denim skirt. They are taken in my hallway, and I got shouted at for leaving blu tack stains from the Celine campaign, Pop magazine collage and David Bowie I put up for effect. I DID IT FOR THE READERS, MUM.







P.S This girl at my school found out I had a blog from ‘a source’ and threatened to find it so if you are reading this OMG A**** (her identity will be protected) LEAVE ME ALONE PLEASE LET ME LIVE MY INTERNET IDENTITY LET ME BE FREE. Thank you xx

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9 Responses to It’ll only take two hours to Nevada

  1. elkee says:

    So glad to have you back!! Im sorry that gal from school is being unreasonable. Haters gonna hate. Keep doing your thing.

  2. Joy Agnes says:

    Your room is really cool and I love your skirt <3

  3. matilda says:

    your room is insanely beautiful and inspiring and omg now I want to go tie dye a top woops bye xxoxo

  4. Adele says:

    i love the photos you took! especially the celine fluffy pumps in the background I want a pair so bad

  5. Carlota says:

    I definitely like your easy way to dress and to be. I always check your blog because is fresh. Beautiful casual combination the skirt with the top.
    Why are you afraid of your school mates? Did they criticize your behavior? Would be nice if you can always be yourself :)
    By the way, I always invite you to see my blog, but I think you never come :( I hope you do it soon.


  6. nicole says:

    very lizzie mcguire, i like it :O

  7. Where is your camo skirt from?

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