Anna Burns, Story maker

anna burns   studio A few months ago, after reading about Anna Burns in Vogue (above), a set designer who kept her rifle in a pink painted, flower adorned tripod, and nurtured the motto ‘put the right thing in the wrong place’, I emailed her asking for the privilege to have a mini interview for my blog. She obliged and here we are. Anna burns embodies an aesthetic that I admire; sometimes kitsch, occasionally glamorous, but always unusual and unexpected. Her sets and images, produced for an impressive clientele (from international Vogue’s and Wonderland for editorial work, to Balenciaga, Net a Porter and Cadbury for advertising) provide surroundings that work in harmony with the usually primary focus, the clothes or models, to create the desired mood and enhance the overall effect.

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What does a typical day in your job involve? They’re isn’t really a typical day in my line of work, I think that’s why I love it so much!

How has studying Fine Art been beneficial? I appreciate it every day because we were encouraged to really research and spend time loosing track of our research and going off on minor and some major tangents I studied pre- google so research tended to take you to some hard to get places…I am pretty grateful for a wealth of reference I have somewhere in the depths of my brain. Sometimes it takes a bit of digging but it’s still there.

Who has been your favourite brand or client you’ve worked with so far? It tends to be the story or job I am working on at a particular time I tend to get so wrapped up in ideas and developing them that when its shot and done I move on.

What would you look for in an intern or give as advice to anyone interested in a job as creative as yours?

 For an intern I would say prompt, hard working and polite. I would say the most important thing is to experiment outside the commissions you might get, and to make as much as possible. How did you decide that you wanted to work as a Set designer?

It wasn’t really a conscious decision. I discovered it as a profession after I graduated and was interning and assisting stylists…I didn’t really know it existed as a job-its a pretty liquid job description which allows you to move into so many different areas which made it really attractive to me. 

Thank you to Anna Burns, and all credit for the pictures above goes to the creative team, including Anna Burns, photographers and publications  ALL PICTURES FROM ANNA BURN’S STUDIO WEBSITE



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  1. mollywoodward2128 says:

    Love this! Check out mine? Advice would be greatly appreciated!
    Molly xxxx

  2. elkee says:

    Excellent interview. Kudos.

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