Perfection between pages..

physicall tings

I have always loved the physical. I mean books, magazines, art, that I can actually hold in my arms and admire. As a blogger, this is kind of ironic, since this very blog is a online extension of my musings and admirings, on the internet. My blog does not have a texture, or little folds of the corner, or nutella stains on the pages. Saying that, I have a digital camera, a mobile, a ipod and a laptop. What can I say, I’m a 21st Century gurl! But I really would love to live in a age where sun drenched polaroids, records and books reign (yes, I am aware that these things exsist and still have many followers and fans, being one of them) but then I wouldn’t have this blog, and I would be sitting in my room right now with no one to share the following with…

1. My diary!


After seeing beautiful customized diaries on other blogs, dealing with teenage angst inside my head and no where else and just generally liking the idea of scribbling all the crazy thoughts in my head down onto paper, adorning it with glitter and then looking back on it as a super sussed thirty year old, I thought I might as well start a diary. I’ve had diaries before and just kind of drifted out of them after a few entries, but this time, its serious. On the cover is a mish mash of Beth Hoekal collages, porcelain dolls, a hand henna pattern, stickers and meaningful Marina and the Diamonds lyrics. Oh, and flower hair clips.


Pen pals page (edited so their privacy is not invaded) and a cute poem.




2. Girl Vogue magazine…


The first Girl Vogue, the new British version of Teen Vogue that came with the June issue of Vogue. I have actually only read a couple of articles in it, but after seeing Meadham Kirchhoff, a article on Flower crowns by Our Saint Tavi Geverson, Cara Delevinge and general prettiness, it deemed blog post worthy. And hope there will be future issues. Observe..


That hoodie was custom made by Topshop!



Pretty editorials! Rainbow hair!


Aghhh Elle Fanning and Keirnan Shipka and Sky Ferreria! <3 <3


3. Tom Girl zine


This is a totally cute zine by Judith Jones (click for her fabulous blog) that I received in the post a while ago but forgot to blog about. Since then she has a new one, but it makes some thought provoking and interesting points, and feautres Courtney Love and Frida Kahlo, so y’know, coolness unbounded indeed. Of course, this zine is all her work and toil, so I won’t post anymore pictures of it, but its only $1.00/£1.00 (I got it before it was priced) and worth it!





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13 Responses to Perfection between pages..

  1. Aoife says:

    I am madly excited for Miss Vouge!! Cannot wait to buy the June Vouge (its not in shops here yet).
    Aoife xx

  2. Rachel says:

    Your diary is so rad!!

  3. kezdaqueen says:

    Where did you buy the mag??

    p.s Über cool post xx

  4. jonesju8 says:

    I’m glad you liked the zine!!

  5. Ellie says:

    You’re so cool! Love the diary, followed you on bloglovin :) xxx

  6. Anya says:

    Okay, you are WAY too cool to be 14. You’re certainly very good at what you do.:)

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