Guest post: Jane’s Festival Fashion

Long time no see seems to be a repetitive greeting on the last few blog posts, and each time I repeat it its longer time; 5 months since I’ve last posted, 5 months and I’ve completed GCSE’s (4 A*’s, 1 A, 3 B’s and a C) , had 2.5 months of Summer holidays that are not evident on this blog, turned 16 and just started Sixth form and my AS levels. Crazy crazy times. Hopefully this kick starts a more prolonged period of blogging but I doubt it; if I ever whined about GCSE’s, I obviously didn’t understand the weight of AS levels. Silly, naive, 14-15 year old me. Anyway, here is a guest post from Jane Pipkin, a ridiculously lovely and disgustingly well dressed sixth former from my school who is a Media Studies superstar and a bit of a guiding light to me, her being in the year above, seemingly very sorted and taking the almost exact same subjects. Read and enjoy…

Festival Fashion 2015 ,By Jane Pipkin

Another year, another successful music festival held at Reading and Leeds. Even though the weather did not always deliver, festival goers’ definitely delivered their style.



This year it was incredible to see the mix of styles festival goers were creating and throughout the weekend there seemed to be a common theme of what inspired the style trend this year. Vintage & Street Style Fashion. Arguably, before this type of style was seen more in the more mature festival goers however this year there seemed to be an increase in younger goers opting for the vintage look. However, it is important to note the bohemian style (which Reading witnessed a lot of last year) still seems to be popular with the young adults (17-25). Many females still opted for the simplistic and stereotypical modern festival outfit of denim shorts and crop tops however still managing to add their own festival vibe by adding accents to individualise their outfits and create a different theme.

A popular accent this year was the use of the black fedora hat. This accessory is so simple yet effective and has been spotted at the front of many high street stores such as Topshop. It is such a summer essential as it can be matched with any sort of outfit to create different styles. There is something about this style of hat that has a ‘festival feel’ to it. On the left, these ladies have made their hats the main focus of the outfit by matching with the simple and block coloured clothing items. One of the ladies has gone for a ‘boho style feel’ by the use of the brown leather tassel jacket, the tassels themselves help to make the outfit overall more individualise and create the bohemian feel. The girl on right has styled her fedora differently however has still gone for the retro feel. She has used the current trend of the denim buttoned up A-line skirt and paired it with a white crochet long sleeve top which has a tie up feature in the middle to enhance her festival look. Her black handbag which is not only a statement piece but is practical and also matches the fedora to overall give her this simplistic but clean cut look.









Another trend this festival was the use of paring knee high socks with practical footwear such as wellington boots. The use of the knee high socks helped to create a flirty and girly look overall and was another accent used to create a different look to outfit. The two girls here have also gone for the simplistic look with the girl on the left styling denim dungarees (which delivers a girly look and feel) and underneath an official Reading Festival 2015 top which helps to make her part of the Reading Festival movement showing her loyalty and enjoyment to the Festival Republic ‘brand’. Furthermore, her boots help to finish her ‘country and girly look’. Her friend on the right however has gone for the more boho/retro vibe (like the girls above) however she has done it differently. She has focused her outfit on two main colours black and grey. The pattern tight fit skirt blends in nicely with her black off the shoulders top and black knee high socks. Instead of wearing boots, she has instead chosen black brogues which helps to tie her outfit together. Since the English weather was predicted not to be as nice as last years’ festival, both girls have practical rain coats which they have cleverly layered and made a part of their outfits to develop the festival and country feel. These girls show that being practical can still be fashionable.

Couples were at it too, creating combinations which created an overall look between them. The way the couple on the left co-ordinated their outfits, really made me adore their overall look. As I said before, the trending inspiration this year seemed to head towards a vintage look. The photo of the couple on the left sums the vintage style definition perfectly. The lady has perfectly created a pin-up inspired look through the use of hair, make-up and her outfits. Her tattoos further help to develop the vintage pin up girl look. The use of the dark blue high waist jeans and white graphic print t-shirt flatter and enhance her curves beautifully. The use of the red belt and matching red bandana used in her head completes the vintage look. She has even been girly with the choice of footwear, her pink wellington are practical but help to achieve the feminine look. Her boyfriend has gone for the vintage rock vibe and added a few accessories such as the chain on his shorts and his cap to help co-ordinate with his girlfriend’s vintage look. His pair of burgundy Doc Martens develops the rock vintage vibe he is trying to create.











The younger teen couple here have gone for a more indie inspired look which was also popular among the younger generation. This couple’ outfits work well together to create an indie inspired collection. Brooke (the girlfriend) has gone for the modern, trendy and stereotypical festival look of the denim shorts and a plain black top however has made it her own by tying a oversized and mismatched style checked shirt around her. Alongside this she styles a pair of purple Doc Martens which are stereotypically wore by the indie and niche market so helps to create the overall indie look. Her indie inspired style is further created by her boyfriend who is styling a denim jacket he actually purchased from Harper & Lewis pop up store at the festival. His black skinny jeans and vans help to create a chill and collective look overall. Both look very causal however still co-ordinated very well.










Many young females were dressing appropriately for the unpredictable British weather however still achieved a festival style. The use of the long dress and skirt worked really well for the festival location this year as it helped to illustrate a vintage but also simplistic style. The lady on the left was very inspired by vintage style. This off the shoulder flower patterned dress was very different from anything I had seen at the festival all weekend however it worked very well. She perfectly achieved a comfortable and girly look through the use of the dress, her frilly socks paired with black canvas shoes also helped to portray the vintage image.

Whereas the young lady on the right has used the long black skirt and styled it in a different way but still achieving a vintages style. The use of the black rolled up black shirt overall is the key piece helping the achievement of the vintage style. The subtle splashes of colour on her top makes this outfit appropriate for the summer festival season. This is such a clever outfit as it suits both the summer season however is perfect for the colder weather.

Completing the Look

At festival this year, a common trend seemed to be the use of make up to symbolise freedom, fun and the bohemian style. There there was a new make-up trend this year the use of glitter mixed with the ever so popular vibrant festival paint to create an almost effortless however magical bohemian look. I felt this make-up trend was gorgeous as it enhanced festival goers’ entire look without overpowering it and looking too much like something off a Christmas tree. Being subtle is very important with this kind of look and festival goer Sophie Harvey achieves the ‘fun’ and ‘magical’ look perfectly.












In conclusion, Reading Festival 2015 didn’t just introduce upcoming bands and their music but it also introduced new trends and new styles to the festival platform. Even last years’ trends still seemed to be popular this year; however people were more willing to learn to individualise their outfits and express clearly their music taste and personality. Even though the British weather did not always deliver, goers still put their heart and soul to create memorable styles and helped to influence others to express themselves more through their fashion. Though the stereotypical flower-crown and shorts combination is still in, there has been a decrease in goers styling this look but instead going for a more original look or even just developing the trending look. Bohemian and the Vintage style are slowly taking over the Reading Festival event but will it continue to be this way next year?

….What a lad. Thank you Jane, for garnishing my dilapidated little blog with your coolness!




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think I don’t understand the freedom land of the 70’s

orlllugh on Instagram  “omg yas finished”

Long time no see, readers, long time no hindering to the dedication I formerly vowed to pay to this blog… I’ve whined about the looming, clawed shadow that is GCSE’s for the last couple of posts, but this is it, the post where I really mean it. It all starts next week-slowly and steadily with Art (final designs shown) and RE and English Literature, subjects I consider soft and manageable, then before I know it, BANG, its Maths and Physics and the dreaded History papers. My mum read my tarrot cards yesterday for the bantz, and I got the ‘Knight of Swords’, which is kind of insignificant seeing as she has no idea what she is actually doing (she claimed it not me), but me being me I will still analyse the fuck out of it.

So I can expect a steady, cutting surge of intellectual and spiritual energy searing through emotions and feeling; embarking on a new idea or meaning, relentless determination and drive…??? Hopefully? Who knows. Not I.

Anyway, recently I have seemed to be draining ASOS of their resources. Prom is a distant glimmer on the murky, exam ridden horizon, and I have finally chosen my dress! Its nude and black, slightly romantically gothic with black lace flowers kind of like iron railings, and silk and chiffon. It will be revealed on a future post, hopefully, when I am officially off from school and unbound for 3 months and have the time and means to blog more…

ASOS Reclaimed, their sporadically nice but expensive ‘vintage’ section, is collaborating with Jackie Magazine to create a bubble gum pop, 70’s adolescent themed line, described and sold by ASOS as ‘Original artwork transformed into vintage-inspired shapes. Spin straight into happy summer dayz with Jackie’s BITD illustrated prints, reworked in 70s-style pieces’..

ASOS   ASOS x Jackie Halter Neck Top in Love Print at ASOS ASOS   ASOS x Jackie Playsuit in Fan Print at ASOS ASOS   ASOS x Jackie Wide Leg Trousers in Scratchy Line Print at ASOSASOS   ASOS x Jackie Polo Dress in Love Print at ASOS

I love this 70’s hype that is slapping every editorial and collection and Primark rack I see in the face right now. I love the shaggy, weird, fringed, platform, flute sleeved, paisley vibe. As someone born in 1999, I can’t really envision any other decade than the last and present one, so as much as I say I dig the vibe, I actually dig the vibe that has been interpreted dragged up by 2015 designers. Also, all these clothes echo one of my favourite films, The Runaways, of which I was fascinated with clothes wise and always did wonder if the look would accumulate in high street fashion- no one I know is wearing flares or a mullet, but occasionally a bag has fringing or a button up skirt is spied, and its weird. I love this edit, by Katja Rahlwes for Vogue Japan, because it reminds me of a decadent, modern Cherie Curie lounging around Japan like she did in the film…

Anja Rubik is 70s Glam for Vogue Japan June 2013 by Katja Rahwles



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looked like art and art wasn’t supposed to look nice

021   I’ve just come back from a weekend in Bournemouth, as is my family’s February half term tradition to bugger off to some hotel in a historic/countryside/seaside town for maximum three days, mooch around the usually disappointing yet pleasantly quaint town centres and gorge ourselves on cake. There is some ‘culture’ involved too, but this time it was the beach and the town… 001 009022013020   The beach was full of tiny, fluffy dogs. I literally saw about three dogs bigger than a handbag would allow, and it was a beautiful sight to behold, especially in the sun. I lay on a rock listening to Sprawl ii//Arcade Fire   (that song means alot to me right now in my life for some reason) for longer than I know, trying to absorb enough sunlight to deliver me to Springtime. Today we wondered round the town in search of record/vintage shops but didn’t find any. We found a really pretty arcade though. 025027039 Wearing a teddy bear coat that is my pride and joy not merely for its warmth,versatility and style, but for its status as proof of my charity shop luck (£5), a Miss Selfridge shirt that I thought looked very Pride and Prejudice-esque, and my ASOS creepers. Also, layered necklaces from my childhood. I am back into jewellery now, especially rings, which is unusual because I always dismissed them on account of having creepy, lanky fingers that my sister can’t look at too long because ‘they remind her of spiders’. I’ve always loved rings on other people, the more noticeable and ridiculous and intricate the better (I blame Jaquline Wilson for this), and Invaluable  has some beauties. These are the ones I would choose to go with this outfit, all opal, because that is my favourite gemstone, and they match the frilly, delicate translucence of my shirt and necklaces. invalubables   img-text img-textkh currently: listening: Beehive Queen// The Wytches, Sucker//Charli XCX reading: Eleanor and Park// Rainbow Rowell wishing: lace up denim dress, leopard print skirt

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Dead shopping malls rise like mountains beyond mountains



Here you view the first issue of my subscription to i-D magazine, which is probably one of the best gifts I received for Christmas. It is truly a gift that keeps on giving. In other news, my ‘friends’ have made it their mission to hunt down my blog (I keep it a secret to avoid ridicule and other undesirable possibilities such as them beginning to quote the more pretentious bits to me), and one of them has actually found it. So if you’re reading this, Eleanor, I HATE YOU, YOU ARE A BAD BAD PERSON AND WEAR YOUR GUM SHIELDS TO SCHOOL CUZ UR UP FOR A DUFFING UP IN THE ENGLISH TOILETS. That stands for everyone else as well. I will wear my knuckle dusters especially.

Several exciting posts are coming up soon, but meanwhile, the trailer for Beyond Clueless,a documentary scouring the cinematic world of teenage films, is out. I read about it and registered interest a while ago in some culture type zine, but forgot about it until then, and now I can’t wait to actually find out what its like. Adolescence in film is always interesting, how its filtered by adult directors and producers, and how accurately (or not) life is portrayed. I love the focus on objects that portray the general themes of teen movies (sex, hierarchy, law/rule/status quo breaking), and the serene tone …



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all in the gutter but with stars on our screens

jeremy1 I wasn’t bluffing, I’m doing this blogging thing. I recently had a sixth form taster day at my school and everyone is wondering around in a stunned daze. I chose English Lit (defo doing, I would do English Lit all day if I could), English Lang. (not doing; I just wondered what AS/A level would include), Media (probably doing, although its a toss up between that and Art), History (hopefully defiantly) and Psychology (ditto). Everyone keeps asking me what I want to do and who I want to be. I reply with mysterious, pretentious and unlikely sounding jobs like ‘Fashion Psychologist’ or ‘It Girl’. Middle aged adults with full time jobs and mortgages and children don’t know what they want to be and I, a clueless 15 year old, am…? Unclear.

Enter escapism… Valentino have released their Pre Fall 2015 and, conceptualized on stars and galaxies, it is beautiful to me even before seeing the actual collection. I admire that the actual clothing encapsulates the likeness of glittering, swirling gas clouds and stardust in its embroidery and material rather than just a simple digital print (think Christopher Kane Resort 2011), which I feel like makes its homage to the beautiful mysterious thing of the galaxy above us even more valid. abcdefg tumblr_nibwgv7mJs1qicox1o2_500 The collection admittedly wasn’t entirely obviously space- themed. There was a folksy, darkly springtime-esque kitsch element that I also really enjoy, expressed in one of two dress forms;  60’s a lined skirted,or flowing, 70’s flower child. Valentino always seem to incorporate embroidery in some admirable form, and I want to sit stroking the needlework on the dresses for  .. Valentino_001_1366 Valentino_006_1366 Valentino_028_1366 Valentino_013_1366 Valentino_014_1366 Pretty chill stuff. On the theme of Space is Jeremy Scott F/W07, which is a much more bubblegum approach to such a topic of multiple interpretation…



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psychedelicness+ idolization

013Wow. Once again, months have stretched between the last and the current post, and time has moved on, and once again, I am visiting this little blog I was once so dedicated to and so determined to stay motivated with. The teenage blogger field of the internet (tumblr, which is thriving, excluded) is kind of a wasteland. I feel like there was a cycle that we all went through, Rookie/Feminist/Eyes open to ‘Fashion, Stage 1, then Ohhh Vibes/Culture/ Rants/ Self Discovery, Stage 2, which kind of merged into whatever the next stage is, until we all got bored and distracted with schoolwork and friends. That glitter drenched, faux cutesy look has been replaced with (generalized) 90’s minimalism, grid print and chunky boots, mom jeans and ribbed crops, the white, ‘girls can wear whatever they like’ feminism widened to actual social issues and trans and POC inclusion. Its all different, and we have all changed.

This is beginning to sound like a goodbye letter to the blog, but actually, it is one of my many 2015 resolutions to continue blogging. For real. I will have less time than ever, as GCSE’s are looming, and half of my Mock results were less than satisfactory and my Physics and Chemistry teachers have probably given up on me, but I WILL TRY.

012 014 003


Last week I made a trip up to Oxford for the Modern Art Gallery’s Andy Warhol/William Morris exhibition. At first they seem a kind of unlikely art pairing, one Victorian and whimsical, the other Modern and bold, but it was actually interesting discovering both artists fascination with heroism and iconography, Morris through the legends of Camelot, and Warhol through Cinematography and the Kennedy’s, the ultimate symbol of new celebrity and savior in his time.


A extract from the information booklet in my diary, along with a notification of our visit to my grandparents, and a sticker from Rookie Yearbook 3.

In the meantime, I am obsessed with Miu Miu Resort S/S15. Miu Miu continues to capture my love, with the psychedelic flares and dagger collars paired with crochet vests. Having recently watched Dark Shadows by Tim Burton (at last, and having watched it knowing him and Helen Boham Carter have split, with a slight air of disappointment), I feel those 60’s/70’s vibes. Was inspiration taken from Yves Saint Laurent Circa 1970? Probably, as Miu Miu just kind of replicated his look.

✿ORLLLUGH✿   memssssssssss  Miu Miu Resort 2015 x Yves Saint...



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miles away from nowhere

020 061 093 107

Readers! Its an official two months tomorrow since my last post! And an official two year anniversary since I begin this tiny personal bubble of space on the internet! I am now back into the school routine (unfortunately) which means something it didn’t before- we are suddenly every teacher’s priority and everything is looming like it never did before- GCSE’s, College or Sixth Form choices, jobs, general having to actually think about the future. And we are being equipt for this future with quadratic equations and convalent bond knowledge. But anyway, its a mile away from the 3 weeks spent in Sri Lanka during the Summer.

100 138 111 186 213 237 255

It was my first experience of Asia, and considering my parents both travelled the world before being cursed with the immobility of parenthood and my dad’s trips to downtown India twice a year for his business, I’ve grown up with their horror stories of rats in hotel toilets and food poisoning, and I was kind of nervous. The whole trip was slightly magical and curry scented. We visited 6 places, 6 different types of climate and environment, from next to the beach in a 4 star hotel, to in home stays surrounded in jungle. We got caught in the monsoon at a Buddhist temple and the locals all stared while our umbrella’s failed on us. We washed elephants in a river with coconut shell matting. We had Ayurveda treatments. We rode endless tuk tuks.

I am very grateful to have travelled so far and have had such a memorable time and when its rainy and grey and someone’s gassing at me about something involving x’s and chemicals and symbols, I will remember the sun and the sea and the Buddhist chanting and the smell of sweat and curry and fruit.



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