we came to breathe clean air


These are some boring pictures from last weekend, when my family dragged me out for out usual Sunday walk. I’m wearing my new Winter coat, which is warm and tartan and makes me look like Oliver from Submarine at best, an orphan at worst. The Saturday before I watched Catching Fire, and it was amazing, I am desperate to watch it again…

I feel somewhat hypocritical, especially as someone who enjoys and observes fashion, watching it and knowing that The Capitol, with their bright, shiny, exaggerated, unnecessary aesthetics, is the baddie. Because this is the Capitol, the West, here, where I live. This is where things are owned and lusted after just for their prettiness or status, this is where our possessions posses us. And, although I am someone who could argue the importance and relevancy of fashion as expression until your ears drop off, it makes me feel guilty, and over indulged. Its just ironic that this is a film that reflects our own society ladder and we are watching our culture from Katniss’s outsider, disgusted eyes. You know what I mean? That’s partly why its such a good concept for a film, it shows us the extreme of our own world.

In the meantime, I am saving for the Clothes Show Live, which I go to next Monday with my Textiles class. I don’t care about any ‘celebrities’ who are going, but I have promised to get the autograph of anyone from Made in Chelsea (ugh..) for my friends. Everyone is considering what to wear and I have no idea, which is weird for me. I probably have to strike a balance between my usual old lady in drag thang and something appropriate to wear in a hot, sweaty stadium full of teenage girls. I also got three A*’s, In English Language, Chemistry and History, last week, so yay for me. And a C, nearly a D, in Maths which I won’t talk about due to painful memories of graph equations and y-intercepts. Ew.





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Thirteen year old proffesional schoolgirl,guide, drama clubber and crazy cat lady/riot grrrl by day, STYLE BLOGGER secretly
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2 Responses to we came to breathe clean air

  1. I’m in love with your hair!

  2. Bea says:

    Have fun at the clothes show! I’m going on the same day but to me its more about meeting Henry Holland and other designers, surely that’s better than made in Chelsea?xx

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