Beware of young girls

680I got this slightly metallic tapestry flower print sweatshirt from Miss Selfridge that I love. I went to London with my family yesterday, and unfortunately this was the only thing I got, as none of them wanted to go to thrift and vintage shops .The colours are kind of lucid and brutal, and glow with a metallic sheen in the light that gives out this supernatural glow. Somehow it manages to be quite Halloween ish, and looks especially crazy with my mini kilt. I’m not big on florals but I love tapestry print against clashing prints and fabrics…

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Dazed and Confused really produce some of the best editorials lately.. Disturbia is described on their site as ‘Zombie girl gang runs riot in the suburbs’ and I love a ‘something freaky going down in the suburbs’ shoot. Its by Jeff Barks and styled by Robbie Spencer..

“Death never looked so good. The corpses of Jeff Bark’s zombie housewives spring to life in a ’50s reawakening sound tracked by the languid sounds of The Beach Boys. Styled by fashion director Robbie Spencer, the Stepford wives’ steely gaze is just an affront. Underneath it all, they’re just like us – they hoover, spritz and go on picnic lunches.”

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3 Responses to Beware of young girls

  1. Amelia Cush says:

    This is rad, all of your blog is rad, you are rad. RAD RAD RAD RADDDDDDRADRADRAD RAD. Ugh.

  2. emmmyyyy says:

    I really enjoyed this your jumper is so cool!

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