Be a body


Collage of Petra Collins photos by me

Recently, you might of noticed a online debate surrounding a certain favorite photographer/cool person’s arty endeavors. A kind of mixture of disgust and praise and moral questioning, translated into tumblr and twitter and Facebook, and discussed on various web pages.  Basically, Petra Collins has designed a t-shirt printed with a picture of a masturbating and menstruating vagina for American Apparel. She said, “I decided to put a super-taboo topic right on a t-shirt to make it viewable for everyone, I’m really interested in what is hidden from our culture. We are always repressing or hiding what is natural to a post-pubescent body. We’re taught to hate our menstrual cycle and even to hide masturbation.” PREACH IT SISTA.



Images from here of the top and of a piece of her art from the Gynolandscape exhibition exhibiting art from The Ardourous (one of my favorite art collectives)

Sometime last year, a boy came into non uniform day wearing a sweatshirt emblazoned with a topless women posing provocatively. No teacher said anything. Things like that go on sale everywhere, and is any inquiry made into it? You can bet y’all goddamn dollar there isn’t. And what is more damaging to society (might I add here that I have unfocused opinions on topless models, I am all for embracing bodies and doing what is comfortable for you, but against the sexualisation and objectification)…a male wearing a picture of a sexualized fantasy that contributes to false expectations and objectification of  female bodies, or t shirt of a vagina doing two things that everyone knows happen down there? Exactly. And I have just seen this on my news feed…


Why is it that media and society deem any image or interpretation or mention of our bodies that isn’t made for sexual pleasure or conventionally attractive unsuitable or censored?  UGH. One of my favorite things about Petra’s work is the subtle defiance against what females should hide, I think that’s what really makes her style stand out from the constant stream of beautiful models in suggestive positions.

While I am on this subject, I want to show this editorial from Pop magazine A/W13, showcasing the J.W Anderson collection by Tyrone Lebon, because it not only has J.W Anderson, Lily Cole and a cat, it vaguely shows armpit hair and private parts and boobies and that is cool… 

MAP   News – Tyrone Lebon Shoots J.W. Anderson Collections for Pop Magazine







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One Response to Be a body

  1. abondance says:

    ‘subtle defiance’ is such a perfect description of petra’s work. i love her so much and i really respect what she does. it’s good that this t-shirt design has started discussions about important things, and hopefully people will continue to talk about them – like what you pointed out about how it’s okay for a boy to wear a jumper with a topless woman printed on it.

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