Yeah, you know her, “Vera Vogue” on parade


Wearing: Vintage multi coloured polo neck crop jumper, New Look fuzzy black cardigan and a position that isn’t comfortable but is meant to accentuate the fluff. Title a lyric from ‘Rip her to shreds’ by Blondie.

School has started, so therefore Summer has ended, along with the possibility of everything I meant to do and get done actually being done. I went back to school this Wednesday, and its okay so far. Its refreshing seeing my friends every day rather than travelling all over the country, I am in elite English, Science and History sets, and have started Fashion Textiles, where the teacher said we will spend the occasional lesson READING MAGAZINES AND ASSESSING DESIGNERS SHOWS AND TECHNIQUES OF DESIGN (I wish I could get a GCSE in that alone) and Art, which of course is just an hour of peaceful creative zen. So this is a post to share my personal outlook on trends, which is unusual for me because usually I couldn’t care less about style dictations, but some mood boards showing my interpretation of the trends really appeal to me ..

pinkkk and evil

Collection of  creepy, sugary pale pink glamour mixed with darker, slightly Gothic typically Autumnal vibes. This involves clumpy leather boots acting as vases for flowers from Ashish S/S12 against Karlie Kloss at Marni 2008,  Wednesday Addams with her admirable narcissism clashing with beehived Cara Delevingne holding tiny pink dogs. Pale pink has always been a colour synonymous with innocent and femininity, so it is only right that it should be matched with black lipstick and prove that femininity=badass.

Inspirations:Wednesday Addams (The Addams Family), Elle Woods (legally blonde), Celine A/W13, Yves Saint Laurent A/W13, Mildred Hubble (The Worst Witch), Rizzo (Grease), Meadham Kirchoff A/W13

Below: Pale pink cardigan, faux fur jacket, grey pleated chiffon shirt, fuzzy black cardigan, sequin top, Kodak Instamatic camera



Typical 60′s/70′s hazy, mustard yellow and musty brown colour palette, the vibes I always always will get into during Autumn, because nothing is more perfect that brown suede boots or dull red wool against dead leaves, NOTHING AT ALL. This involves Tavi Gevinson’s bedroom, homage to posters and memorabilia from the times where this vibe was the vibe, photography from the 60′s, because it is just naturally dreamy and hazy, loose hair shining from a camera flashlight, and a J.W Anderson campaign.

Inspirations: Velma (Scooby Doo), Moonrise Kingdom, Carolyn Stoddard, played by Chloe Mortez (Dark Shadows), Margot Tenenbaum ( The Royal Tenenbaums), Jordana (Submarine), Marc Jacobs A/W13, ISSA A/W13

Below: Brown and black gingham coat, brown city shorts, Yellow chiffon skirt, Red tights, Yellow flower crown and my dad in the 70′s







I am so bored of every single magazine pouring every ounce of editorial space into tartan, and kind of bored of it being ‘the main trend for Autumn/Winter’ , but I really love tartan, clashing against checkerboard and gingham and stripes, with crazy, clumpy shoes, tacky socks, general strange mismatching layers. Basically I want to look like a blind Scottish Brave heart type person whose had a fight with another blind persons wardrobe. Which is what I think Karl Largerfeld aimed (much more stylishly) with Chanel A/W13, …


Inspirations: Vivienne Westwood, School uniforms, Celine A/W13, Jil Sander A/W13, Chanel A/W13, Ashish A/W13, Pretty much every A/W13 show there is, Clueless

Below: Striped top, checkerboard shorts, three skirts, and diary entry





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4 Responses to Yeah, you know her, “Vera Vogue” on parade

  1. Eryn says:

    I love all of your moodboards so much!!! And your photos/clothes/you.

  2. broniakidd says:

    Wow, I Iove those mood boards, they just sum up all the fashion related vibezzz I have been feeling. My school starts tomorrow which means only one day of FREEDOM left *sob*… I plan to do everything I was meaning to do all summer…
    ps. my dad looked very much like your dad in the seventies but with more hair!!

  3. Gabriella says:

    you speak really eloquently about these trends and yeahh I totally agree about Tartan, I have already seen wayyyyyyy to much of it, your way of styling it is so much better :) xxx

  4. Béatrice says:

    Your classes sound super interesting! And your mood boards are cool, I love the first one!!

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