springtime in the surburbs



So my sister and I decided to make the most of the weather and run around my Grandparent’s small village in Suffolk. I (singular) decided that she should take pictures of me for da blog and she complied once I assured her that I would direct my readers to her instagram (not gonna happen, her bio goes along the lines of ‘IF OPPORTUNITY DOESN’T KNOCK BUILD A DOOR ROFL LOL #SWAG). We ran around a abandoned football pitch and scared the elderly by taking pictures of our shoes by their flowers, so I

I am wearing a pinafore from Miss Selfridge, vintage shirt and my mum’s cardigan which she has actually banned me from wearing, which is a shame, because wearing it feels like being embraced by a conditioned gruffalo.

010 020 033





 “Ya fockin what mate?!”







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princess and the pea


I made this mini shoot happen after coming home from a sleepover and being in that hazy, vague mood that staying up past midnight and stuffing yourself full of sugar brings. I kinda sat in my room and realised how many soft pink, delicate things I had, and also wanted a opportunity to revel in the appreciation I have for some of my books (in this post I have included Tim Walker: Storyteller, the best photography book I think I will ever own, Rookie Yearbook One, a old fairy tale book that was my mum’s, and a Wild Flowers book that is stained with coffee-not something else). So I piled all these and dolls and flowers and a boombox onto my bed, hung up a gauzy pink sheet and wore a assortment of summer dresses and tiaras, and here is the result…















The inspiration for this was whimsical and delicate: flower fairies, angels, sea shells, lace, frills, florals, botanical drawings and Marie Antoinette’s bedroom, and veils, and here is my mood board. The middle skirt is D&G S/S from a couple of years ago and I might attempt to make something similar during the Summer, and Chanel, Versace and Meadham Kirchhoff A/W14 lurk in there to.





 Valentino Red S/S14 by Tim Walker, and Olivia Bee’s Cacharel perfume video, which is just a depiction of what I want to do all day in Summer…




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now we can’t be friends fascination ends




Sup. It is finally the half term and I have Game of Thrones series 4, lie ins, sleepovers and general not going to school to look forward to. I also have acquired some good clothes lately, that I will probably wear to death and that will probably fuse into my very fibres. Above are my new sandals from New Look, surprisingly. I’ve wanted Vagabond shoes for a while but these are a cheaper alternative, and I love them. They are more platforms than high heeled, and make every outfit look way more thought out than it actually is. I have a serious lack of shoes, and these are a refreshing change to the burgundy converses that I have worn non stop since, like, two years ago. Not to seem completely materialistic (hard when you are blogging about clothes) but I want some tapestry doc martens or doodled flatforms next.



My friend Laura gave me ress after I saw it in her wardrobe and said I liked it, which was nice of her. Its one of two Primark things I own, along with some jeweled sunglasses. I’ve also wanted something like this for a while- something Wednesday Addams, white lace collared and black, and my mum refused to buy this for me when she suggested I needed a new dress, because, I quote, I would look like a ‘creepy Quaker ghost’. Whatever mum, ‘Creepy Quaker Ghost’ is a look I would be honored to have bestowed upon me. I like to wear this with frilly socks, my aforementioned shoes and a fluffy black cardigan, or tucked into a tartan skirt with knee socks, all with a bitch face; the accessory we were all born with and must take full advantage of.


Excuse the cat hair on this. How unprofessional is that. If I was Susie Lau that would be me uninvited to Chanel. Anyway, this is a high waisted skirt from the Zara sale, only £3.99. The top has elasticated panels and the bottom has a flippy, almost pleated structure which hangs really well, and its light navy. I can’t stop wearing this, especially with my denim jacket and plethora of jumpers.

I need more shorts and t shirts so am scouring ASOS and Zara. I would like a high neck, striped crop top and dungarees, and maybe some mom shorts too. A girl can dream. I’m going to go and donate some money to Charity now to make up for my materialism.



P.S I have started letter exchanging with Annette (click for her blog) and she sent me some cute things; clips, a necklace, map cuttings, a face mask, as well as a really nice letter. Unfortunately my camera has run out of battery and I can’t find the charger, but I will include pictures of her next letter!

P.P.S I have entered Company magazine’s style blogger awards with the mentality of ‘what have I got to loose?!’ It feels very narcissistic to be entering myself, I know my blog is a patchwork of rants and samey vibes and I can name at least 10 better teenage blogs off the top of my head (basically every one I know), but if you feel like I deserve a sympathy vote then click on this image and remember to vote in the Teen blogger category…thank you!


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don’t you think that its funny how people talk



“Skipping school. No time for yum cha.” Marthe Wiggers by James Nelson for Russh December/January 2014

Recently I have been feeling a vibe that I haven’t really felt or expressed before. I would describe it as peaceful, clean cut and generally minimalist without being harsh or boring. Its kinda normcore, a little bit 90′s varsity; no bright colours or sparkle or clashing prints, only clumpy heeled sandals and socks, denim and mesh and collars. It celebrates bright white and black and nature and fuss free prettiness. The embodiment of this vibe climbs trees and sketches and takes Polaroids in between hanging out in airy city apartments and forests. This is what I have imagined from looking at tumblrs that also embody this aesthetic (check out Dani’s and Sally’s).

Below I am wearing a vintage old ladies shirt, a skirt from a Zara sale than only cost £3.99, my leather backpack from ebay which was one of the best bargains ever- £15 including p&p for a real leather backpack- and my mum’s shoes that I have taken over. I was saving for some Vagabond sandals but then I saw these, from New Look for more than half the price, so hopefully these will be added to my pathetic shoe collection soon..

Black Chunky Cleated Sole Block Heel Sandals

In the past week I have been having these mock ‘mock’ exams that have taken up most of my weekend and after school time with revision. They don’t go towards anything, but obviously I want to get as high a grade as possible. At the end of this month I will have a 10 hour long (2 full days) art exam, where I will be painting Lana Del Rey in the Pre Raphalite style of John William Waterhouse, one of my favourite artists, and I can’t wait! Aside from Art, though, I am feeling really resentful towards education in general, and this quote by William Upski Wimsatt just sums up why…

“There were no sex classes. No friendship classes. No classes on how to navigate a bureaucracy, build an organization, raise money, create a database, buy a house, love a child, spot a scam, talk someone out of suicide, or figure out what was important to me. Not knowing how to do these things is what messes people up in life, not whether they know algebra or can analyze literature.”








From the archive of my tumblr, which I have given a bit of a makeover, and capture the vibe..


tumblr_n03ds2ufWE1qa6hruo1_500 tumblr_mipethsFOB1rnfzmjo1_500






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Elle Collections S/S14 and other wonders


Usually I admittedly only buy magazines on the basis of how good their edits will look on my walls, how interested I am in the contributing designers and photographers and people and how much money I am willing to fritter away on something I’ll tear up eventually. However, Elle Collections begs not to have its pages blu tacked onto my (now in danger of collapsing) wall. Its pages are strong and soft and it might be just me but smell of vanilla, and this is all a shame because some of them would look bitchin between art postcards and Hama bead creations, but I can’t bring myself to destroy something so beautiful as one piece.

Anyways, its a pretty magazine. It focuses on S/S14 collections and trends in a appealingly collagey, doodley manner, much like the pages of Company magazine, and includes a scrapbook, various interviews from people who had something to do with early designer’s Haute Couture collections and who read thick art books from their Cotswold cottages while their kids are at Boarding school, and designer’s personal collections of stuff.



016 018

020 021


As I have been reading this I have been aware that the A/W or F/W shows have been going down…I don’t understand how designers can be so forward in all the seasons; Spring is only just springing up beneath the frost here, and their S/S14 shows were in the depths of Winter! Its all so fast tracked! I have been on holiday in Cheltenham over the past few days, without access to internet, so I haven’t really seen many A/W collections apart from my usual favourites (Meadham Kirchhoff, Sophie Webster, Henry Holland, Ryan Lo, Ashish, Jeremy Scott- all brilliant as usual) as well as Tommy Hilfiger and Libertine, whose are both surprisingly appealing. However, I won’t go into detail about them because I can’t possibly contemplate more Winter, when S/S is on the brink of existence. Here are some S/S14ish videos to just suit my mood and somehow both involving Elle Fanning and the first one queen Lupita Nyong’o..



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It’ll only take two hours to Nevada


Long time no blog. I solemnly swear that I will try to blog more, just lately I have been busy curling up and sleeping because January and also because school, which are sufficient excuses. Today is my little sister’s 11th birthday, and later we will go out to dinner. I was hoping for It by Alexa Chung, as I can’t scroll down tumblr or instagram without seeing its pink cover (our parents always give the sister whose birthday it isn’t a book, which I think is a nice tradition), but instead I got a book called The Runaway, which is about slavery (I went and saw 12 Years A Slave with my mum and she mentioned the book to me then). So It is going on my mental wishlist, along with some Vagabond heeled sandals and Chanel S/S14 bejeweled trainers.

These are some random pictures of me pulling cringey poses, in my homemade tie dye top and ASOS Christopher Kane-ish camo denim skirt. They are taken in my hallway, and I got shouted at for leaving blu tack stains from the Celine campaign, Pop magazine collage and David Bowie I put up for effect. I DID IT FOR THE READERS, MUM.







P.S This girl at my school found out I had a blog from ‘a source’ and threatened to find it so if you are reading this OMG A**** (her identity will be protected) LEAVE ME ALONE PLEASE LET ME LIVE MY INTERNET IDENTITY LET ME BE FREE. Thank you xx

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Anna Burns, Story maker

anna burns   studio A few months ago, after reading about Anna Burns in Vogue (above), a set designer who kept her rifle in a pink painted, flower adorned tripod, and nurtured the motto ‘put the right thing in the wrong place’, I emailed her asking for the privilege to have a mini interview for my blog. She obliged and here we are. Anna burns embodies an aesthetic that I admire; sometimes kitsch, occasionally glamorous, but always unusual and unexpected. Her sets and images, produced for an impressive clientele (from international Vogue’s and Wonderland for editorial work, to Balenciaga, Net a Porter and Cadbury for advertising) provide surroundings that work in harmony with the usually primary focus, the clothes or models, to create the desired mood and enhance the overall effect.

vi01206d0192-019304aldrid-344433_0x440 vi01305d0200-020101aldrid-copia-5952_0x440

98786-800w (1)


What does a typical day in your job involve? They’re isn’t really a typical day in my line of work, I think that’s why I love it so much!

How has studying Fine Art been beneficial? I appreciate it every day because we were encouraged to really research and spend time loosing track of our research and going off on minor and some major tangents I studied pre- google so research tended to take you to some hard to get places…I am pretty grateful for a wealth of reference I have somewhere in the depths of my brain. Sometimes it takes a bit of digging but it’s still there.

Who has been your favourite brand or client you’ve worked with so far? It tends to be the story or job I am working on at a particular time I tend to get so wrapped up in ideas and developing them that when its shot and done I move on.

What would you look for in an intern or give as advice to anyone interested in a job as creative as yours?

 For an intern I would say prompt, hard working and polite. I would say the most important thing is to experiment outside the commissions you might get, and to make as much as possible. How did you decide that you wanted to work as a Set designer?

It wasn’t really a conscious decision. I discovered it as a profession after I graduated and was interning and assisting stylists…I didn’t really know it existed as a job-its a pretty liquid job description which allows you to move into so many different areas which made it really attractive to me. 

Thank you to Anna Burns, and all credit for the pictures above goes to the creative team, including Anna Burns, photographers and publications  ALL PICTURES FROM ANNA BURN’S STUDIO WEBSITE



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